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Johnnie Walker

Rewat ‘Ter’ Buddhinan (1948 – 1996) was a pioneer in the Thai music industry. He has been a household name in Thailand for over 40 years and as the founder of Thailand’s GMM Grammy, is considered to have ushered in a new era in the music industry. Taking inspiration from his determined and inspiring character, BBH […]

Fruit o Dor

We are in the middle of the Frech country side. Our friend, Hugo, introduces the new Fruit-o-dor Omega 6 butter. The naturalistic behaviour plus a little bit of personality makes Hugo being a very likeable character. Developing his personality wasn’t the only chanllenge. To being able to bring some realism in his movements the team […]


  The Mill working with adam&eveDDB, Director Simon McQuoid and Gorgeous bring Smithwick’s back to our screens after a 7 year break, in the form of a beer-making photo-real CG red squirrel; alongside a new strapline for the 300-year old brand, ‘Experience. It’s what you do with it that counts’. In the 60′ TV spot, […]


Working closely with Sam Brown from the important concept stage, we were heavily influenced by the Lexus design aesthetics in the involved evolution of the hero characters. In parallel to this, we pre-vised the animations for all shots. These 3D pre-vis co-ordinates were then sent to an electronics company called KMEL in Vancouver, who’s bespoke […]

Audi Hummingbird

The Director was keen that the bird’s movement should be playful, elegant and agile – and sometimes a bit cheeky – echoing the Audi A6 Avant’s lightweight construction.  Once this was achieved, we then set about creating the surrealist world for the Audi bird to fly through. The brief required strong real elements, such as […]

H Samuel

Sparkle Finder MPC has just completed work on ‘Sparkle Finder’, the latest instalment in the H Samuel Christmas campaign created by St Lukes, with Natalia Frizzi and Jamil Bhatti as the creative team.The production involved a close collaboration with the Agency St Luke’s who gave MPC’s animation department the opportunity to redesign the main character […]


Garth Jennings has directed ‘Good Stuff’ for Mother London, the fully computer animated commercial for Fox’s biscuits. The campaign features Vinnie, a fast-talking, ‘wise-guy’ ‘danda’ – a dog/panda hybrid extolling the virtues of the biscuits. The campaign includes a 2 x 60; 1 x 30; and a 10; viral version and is a collaboration between […]

Kerry Mouse

  The job started with a pet mouse arriving at MPC and becoming part of the 3D team for a few weeks. The mouse let us develop the look and behaviour of Kerry LowLow’s CG hero. Familiarising with rodent movements demanded a big amount of time. Reference pictures were taken during the shoot and used […]