Garth Jennings has directed ‘Good Stuff’ for Mother London, the fully computer animated commercial for Fox’s biscuits. The campaign features Vinnie, a fast-talking, ‘wise-guy’ ‘danda’ – a dog/panda hybrid extolling the virtues of the biscuits. The campaign includes a 2 x 60; 1 x 30; and a 10; viral version and is a collaboration between […]

Kerry Mouse

  The job started with a pet mouse arriving at MPC and becoming part of the 3D team for a few weeks. The mouse let us develop the look and behaviour of Kerry LowLow’s CG hero. Familiarising with rodent movements demanded a big amount of time. Reference pictures were taken during the shoot and used […]

About Me

What you should know about me? I’m someone who has passion for everything that demands EXPLORING and LEARNING. Being able to bring the soul to any story is a huge CHALLENGE  I’m willing to take. My experience of being working for many years in the most renowned companies in Argentina, Germany and United Kingdom aloud […]