Drench: Mr. Memory

Post Production Co: MPC
Post Production Producer: Chris Allen
VFX Supervisors: Jorge Montiel and Matthew Unwin


Ulf Johansson has directed Drench’s latest spot, ‘Mr Memory,’ featuring a goldfish overcoming a tank-maze with the help of Drench’s pure water. The spot was produced by Kate Hardwick/Josh Sanders at CHI & Partners and Philippa Smith at Smith & Jones. MPC provided the post, seamlessly combining live action and CG to bring Mr Memory to life.

The team worked closely with the director to achieve the realistic animation look of the spot. For the goldfish, MPC had to seamlessly integrate live action and CG shots. To do this, the animation team shot a real fish going through the maze to understand how the fish would behave when facing the different obstacles. They also used this reference for textures and lighting, paying special attention to the fin and tail. The main challenge for the texture artists was to recreate the silky look. A fake fish was also shot going through the maze to create realistic water movement and splashes. This was also used for reference to create realistic shadows and lens depth. The CG fish was created using Maya.

The 2D team enhanced the live action shots by adjusting the fish’s position, cleaning up the water and changing the eyes of the live action fish.

A 60’’ viral and a 10’’ TV commercial will be release in the UK on March 2010.