H Samuel

Sparkle Finder

MPC has just completed work on ‘Sparkle Finder’, the latest instalment in the H Samuel Christmas campaign created by St Lukes, with Natalia Frizzi and Jamil Bhatti as the creative team.The production involved a close collaboration with the Agency St Luke’s who gave MPC’s animation department the opportunity to redesign the main character and develop the highly detailed environments.

The film opens on a shot of the Sparkle Finder in his workshop. He is disappointed with the quality of the sparkle in the necklace he is working on and heads off on a quest to find the ‘sparkle that’s right’ in a huge domed vault – a magical place where sparkles that are assembled over many years are stored in glass bottles…

To maintain a sense of consistency with the previous job, it was essential that the concept and design of the ads tied together. To achieve this, the team set about creating something that lent itself to the original but was enough of a departure to offer a new feel and energy to the brand. MPC worked closely with the creative team at St Luke’s from the initial stages of production and concept artist Andrew Brooks helped develop and re-design the character. “MPC rose to the challenge of producing and directing a 3D animated commercial, working with them exceeded our expectations. MPC brought their huge experience and expertise into every detail of our ad and the level of craftsmanship was outstanding. We look forward to working with them in the future” creatives Natalia and Jamil explain. MPC team supervised by Carsten Keller and with lead animator Jorge Meurer using Maya, Mental Ray and Shake.