Tell a Story where Characters are ALIVE!

Spontaneity & Credibility


It has been a fantastic journey

 Full of excitement and fun. Been able to bring life and personality to these amazing little machines is something that goes beyond the technology. Read more...            

Audi Hummingbird

Connect characters to their Product.

The brand should be reflected not only in the story but in characters. I love seeing creatures with "IDENTITY" More...  


VES Awards:Best CG Animation

Spots Vs Stripes: Winners take it all! Creating a competitive atmosphere between these characters added fun and engagement to the story. Read more...  


craft and precision, firing up boilers, sniffing hops and tunring valves to brew a thimbleful of ale before they return. Read more...

Kerry Mouse

amiliarising with rodent movements demanded a big amount of time. Reference pictures were taken during ...Read more...

Fox’s Biscuits

Vinnie’s speech incurring minimal movement out of the side of his mouth, it was also important to... Read more...
and finaly...

About Me

closeup_jorgeWhat you should know about me?

I’m passionate about everything that demands exploring  and learning. Being able to bring a soul to any story is a huge challenge I’m willing to take.

After being working for many years in the most renowned companies in Argentina, Germany and United Kingdom I realised how important it is to engage the audience and do something unforgettable through animation, staging and acting.

Developing unique, likeable and convincing characters is my main goal.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney